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You can battle in court...

Or you can structure your future with dignity and respect.

Collaborative law offers a
no-court alternative.

Separating or divorcing is never easy. But when couples and their advocates take a less adversarial approach, the entire family benefits.

Collaborative practice (often called collaborative law) helps families resolve divorce issues with dignity and respect. In the collaborative process, husbands, wives, their attorneys, and any other collaborative professionals working with the family, agree to resolve all issues of their case without contentious court proceedings. They plan together to craft an agreement. They make thoughtful decisions that can actually work for the entire family.

Please take a few minutes to discover how Collaborative Law's non-adversarial approach can help you and your family move forward with your lives.

It is a fact of life that many marriages end in divorce. Statistics show that 50 percent of marriages fail. But just because divorce is common doesn't mean it has to devastate everyone involved. Many people have been searching for a better way. Many believe Collaborative Law is the answer.

Collaborative Law is a process where the husband, wife and both their attorneys agree to resolve all issues in their case without involving a court. They work together, in private, to find a way to meet each individual's needs so that the couple may make a smoother transition from being married to being single.

The choices a divorcing couple makes at the beginning of their negotiations may well determine the way their divorce turns out, the kind of relationship they have in the future, and how their children adjust. The fact that they are angry, sad, distrustful or anxious does not mean that most are not capable of making good choices in how they manage their divorce.


Collaborative Law

Because it ends a marriage, divorce can be a painful experience. But there is no denying that divorce is also a new beginning. Recognizing this, many individuals have sought a more constructive way of divorcing. For them, Collaborative Practice (Collaborative Law and Collaborative Divorce) has been the answer. It promotes respect, places the needs of children first and keeps control of the process with the spouses. You're invited to explore Collaborative Practice, a different way of divorcing that can help you make a healthy, hopeful transition from one stage of your life to the next.


Collaborative Law is a process that enables divorcing parties and parties involved in other family law disputes, each represented by counsel, to resolve the parties' differences in a non-adversarial setting, in other words, without "fighting it out" in court.